Shaft lifting and inclined conveying includes all equipment, measures and facilities provided for conveying products and material as well as passenger transportation in shafts and blind shafts. 
AlphaMining supplies tailor-made and appropriate solutions for drum winder systems for material and passenger transportation. These are dimensioned according to the rules and standards, such as the TAS, the DIN regulations or acc. to ATEX.
The winder systems can be designed such that they can be operated electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically by the machine control and braking equipment.
Depending on the place of installation, the complete system will be realized as stationary, semi-mobile or fully mobile version.

Further application options for drum winder systems are contained in the sections Rope replacement devices and Shaft-sinking equipment.

Our products:


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  • Hauling winches
  • Hoisting systems for inspection, auxiliary and emergency installation
  • Rescue winches
  • Stage winches, heavy-duty winches
  • Friction winches
  • Auxiliary winches
  • Reelers
  • Braking equipment